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The biggest beauty misconception is thinking you can just
slap on some hair tonic or face cream and expect
miracles to happen.

My time as editor of a leading fashion and beauty magazine
taught me the game changers in health and beauty are
products that nourish and strengthen from within.


Fay, the founder of kerahealth

"Hair loss and hair health had been a lifelong struggle for me so it was the obvious starting point in my wellness journey."

Fay, the founder of kerahealth

I noticed it was also a major concern for many of our readers and even though I
avidly tested every possible product on the market, surprisingly I couldn’t find
effective, drug free supplements
that used clinically tested, qualitative
ingredients That’s why, together with my husband, we decided to explore the
field of nutraceutical supplementation.

Our research took us to the South of France, near Marseille, where we worked
relentlessly with a team of scientists. We identified the root of the problem,
analyzed the hurdles, and pushed the limits of science until we created the
patented technology that enabled us to offer a real solution for poor hair
health. This is the same way we identify and create every single one of our

However, leaving Elle Arabia, a job that I loved wasn’t a coincidence. I chose to
create a company that I believed in passionately with my husband, himself a
former banker, creating and producing nutraceutical supplements with cosmetic
effects. So was born KeraHealth, with our first products KeraHealth Hair Men and
KeraHealth Hair Women being launched in January 2018, in the USA since we
have launched our complete 360 Hair Health Plan and products that are part of
our ‘Body’ category- all of which offer our motto of Beauty thru Wellness
benefits to our community.

Our story is simple, we took the best that nature and science
had to offer to create a powerful nutraceutical for hair.

obsessed with quality and safety

We’re obsessed with quality and safety
as much as we are with wellness

We are committed to the highest standards of quality and safety. Our
male and female specific formulas contain naturally sourced, clinically
tested ingredients that are drug free.

Clinically tested

Clinically tested

Naturally sourced

Naturally sourced

We use high quality french
ingredients and not only…

Furthermore, whist our raw materials are sourced in France, we chose to
make KeraHealth here in the USA, in an FDA approved facility, to ensure
the creation of the highest quality nutraceuticals.

French ingredients

French ingredients

FDA register facility

FDA register facility

quality french ingredients

technological innovation

we’re setting new standards
in nutraceutical supplements

Starting with this technological innovation we went on to develop a
breakthrough formula that provides all the nutrients, vitamins, and
minerals for healthier and fuller hair, without using drugs and without
using surplus ingredients. We then followed the same process for our
latest launches

Beauty Thru

This is our ethos. All our products contain ingredients that not only
give great results on beauty but also on wellness. We add ingredients
contain immunity, well-ageing, stress adaptogenic and nootropic

beauty thru wellness

Our R&D Team

Meet our team of specialists who are on the forefront of supplement innovation.


Chemist Head of Operation


Biochemist / Research &
Developement Manager