Are You Experiencing Hair Loss Due to COVID-19?

Covid-19 & Hair Loss

We’ve all heard of the common COVID-19 symptoms: coughs, sore throats and loss of sense… but have you heard of COVID-related hair loss?


Can COVID-19 Cause Hair Loss?

Studies have stated that up to 10% of people who tested positive for COVID-19 suffer from ‘long-COVID’. This is where symptoms are experienced months after they are first infected with the virus. A further study concluded that 22% of people who were hospitalised due to COVID-19 suffered from hair loss.


Women across the world have been sharing their struggles with thinning hair, hair loss and hair regrowth troubles after recovering from the virus. Actress and activist Alyssa Milano posted a video to social media showing handfuls of hair coming out whilst she brushed it. Her caption encourages followers to “take this seriously” and wear a mask to prevent COVID-19 and potential unexpected hair problems.


How Does COVID-19 Cause Hair Loss?

Dermatologists suggest that the hair loss that results from COVID-19 is called telogen effluvium – a hair loss and hair thinning condition caused by physical and mental stress. The condition affects the pattern of female hair loss and can also be caused by childbirth, extreme stresses, severe illnesses and hospitalisation. COVID-19 is a major stress to the body and because people react so differently to the virus, in a lot of cases, it can cause hair loss.


Telogen effluvium substantially increases the number of hair follicles in the telogen phase of the hair growth cycle. Telogen is the phase of the cycle whereby shedding occurs, so an increase in follicles in this phase causes increased hair loss and thus thinning of the hair. This hair loss tends to occur between 2 and 3 months after the mentally or physically stressful experience – which, in this case, is COVID-19. Telogen effluvium also prevents hair growth as fewer follicles are in the growth phase.


If you have recently suffered from COVID-19, you need to be extra careful when using certain shampoos and conditioners. Many commercial shampoos on the market today actually use harmful chemicals that can contribute to  hair loss in both men and women. The overuse of such chemicals whilst suffering with COVID-19 can cause further problems as a result of a weakened immune system, as well as the potential stress related hair loss difficulties. The harmful chemicals to avoid include:



  • Sulphates such as sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) hinders hair growth by breaking down certain important proteins.
  • Sulphates are surfactants that can remove the oils that protect your hair and thus cause breakage as well as hair loss.

List of Sulfates to Avoid



  • Parabens encourage hair loss and cause scalp damage as they are easily absorbed into the skin and scalp, and many people suffer minor allergic reactions to the chemicals.
  • Examples of parabens to look out for include: methylparaben and propylparaben. 


Diethanolamine (DEA) and Triethanolamine (TEA)

  • These irritants can increase hair breakage as they cause hair to become brittle.
  • They can irritate the scalp, which leads to hair loss.
  • They also destroy keratin, a key protein that predominantly makes up the hair shaft and is really important in maintaining healthy hair.
  • Try and avoid DEA and TEA at all costs!


KeraHealth Follicle Hero Shampoo and Conditioner, and Follicle Hero Grow Strong Serum are made of clean ingredients and are free from parabens and sulphates.


What Can You Do About Hair Loss Related to COVID-19?

Hair loss resulting from stress does not permanently damage your hair follicles and often stress management is the simplest cure. However, there are additional ways to promote faster hair growth and prevent future breakage and hair loss!


Reducing Stress

It is important to take time for yourself, especially in the stressful atmosphere of the global pandemic. Stress reduction is not only important for your mental health and general wellbeing, but it is also vital in preventing and reducing the long-term effects of telogen effluvium and other forms of hair loss resulting from stress. Regular exercise is great for your health and reduces stress that may cause hair loss. Exercise also provides increased blood circulation, which provides your scalp and hair follicles with more oxygen and nutrients to aid faster growth and thicker hair.


Meditation and yoga are other great ways to reduce stress levels and can easily fit into your day!


Avoid Smoking and Smoking Areas

It has been recommended that if you have experienced hair loss after having COVID-19, you should avoid exposure to cigarette smoke. Smoke and smoking can reduce the amount of oxygen and nutrients reaching the hair follicles. This can cause the hair to become brittle and encourages breakage and thus the thinning of hair.


Nutrition and Dermatologist Recommendation

Dermatologists state nutrition as a factor in causing hair loss after having COVID-19, especially in relation to insufficient amounts of biotin and vitamins, which are important in encouraging hair growth and strengthening the hair. Specialist dermatologist Dr. Vimi Ponnamparambath recommended taking supplements to help obtain these important nutrients to encourage hair growth and prevent breakage. 


What Supplements Can Help COVID-19 Related Hair Loss?

The KeraHealth dietary supplement capsules contain ingredients such as biotin, vitamin B6 and niacin which stimulate growth and reduce hair loss.

KeraHealth Hair Supplements for Women

The hair is made up of amino acids, some of which must be taken through your diet or dietary supplements. Keratin is a vital component in reducing hair loss. KeraHealth dietary supplements contain KerCysteine® which is a form of keratin that is small enough for the body to absorb and use. Additionally, it not only provides the body with all of the essential amino acids, but even stimulates the body’s production of Keratin. These supplements aid the production of the natural Keratin that is depleted as a result of aging and environmental stress. This can considerably  improve your hair’s health! In a clinical study, over 80% of the women taking KeraHealth dietary supplement capsules experienced improved hair growth and thicker hair.


Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner

If you are experiencing hair loss from COVID-19 or the excessive use of commercial shampoos, the KeraHealth Follicle Hero Shampoo and Conditioner are perfect for you!


Commercial shampoos are full of nasties but the KeraHealth products are made with clean ingredients and are clinically proven to repair hair damage and promote hair growth. The specialist ingredients nourish the hair follicles, significantly reducing hair loss and strengthening the hair to prevent future breakage and hair loss. Additionally, the active ingredient KerCysteine® works to increase the hair growth phase. This can help combat the COVID-19 hair loss condition telogen effluvium, which reduces the hair growth phase.

Follicle Hero Shampoo and Conditioner

The KeraHealth Shampoo and Conditioner paired with the Scalp Energizer can really boost hair growth. This scalp massager encourages greater blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles, which supports faster growth and hair thickening.


These products are a great way to improve your hair health, especially after COVID when we all want to go out looking our best!


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