The Beautiful Truth About Co-Washing

Unique in structure and appearance, curly and wavy hair textures can be highly fragile and prone to damage. Therefore, making hair care challenging since it requires shampooing on a regular basis. However, too much shampooing of these textures can be counter intuitive. It may result in hair thinning and hair loss. Therefore, there is a need to devise the hair care strategies using supplements, high-quality hair products and heatless styles.

The desire by most people to maintain their naturally curly or wavy hair has ushered in a lot of concepts in the grooming industry, but none has been as significant as co-washing. Ever heard of it? Let’s discover the definition of this term.

Simply explained, co-washing is an abbreviated term for conditioner washing, denoting a method of cleansing the hair with a conditioner instead of using the ubiquitous shampoo. So, now that you know what it means, why is it gaining so much traction in the beauty industry? Well, the reason is simple; co-washing has A LOT of benefits.

It Defines.

Co-washing aids in showcasing a more defined curl or wave pattern, even amongst men. When you have beautiful curls and waves, co-washing your curls will appear more defined making styling much more manageable. Washing your hair once a week, and adding a co-wash in between shampoos aids in maintaining your hair’s natural shine and moisture.

It Softens.

Nothing is frustrating than visibly brittle, dry hair that is in need of TLC. Co-washing can be the answer to dry hair providing moisture, making the hair soft, manageable and easy to comb through-without the annoying sight of hair breaks on the comb. Also, taking your hair supplements goes a long way!

It Restores.

Regardless of the expensive hair products you use, there is always a likelihood of developing an accumulation of chemicals on the hair. If you have been using shampoo, then you certainly know about sulfates. Sulfates are synthetic ingredients that originate from petrolatum and have the effect of drying of the hair.
Co-washing is super beneficial for a flake – free scalp as it replenishes natural oils that could have been removed by shampooing. When the hair becomes oily or greasy, co-washing freshens the hair texture and provides it with natural moisture and eliminates flakes on your scalp.So, there you have it. Co-washing can really change the definition in your curls, moisturize your hair and scalp, and give you a softer texture. Co-washing is only the second step to having wonder waves and luscious curls. The first step is adding highly absorbable keratin peptides, amino acids, and antioxidants that science can offer to your regime. KeraHealth is a high-quality supplement that gives you the amino acids your body needs to build and regrow healthy, bright and nourished hair naturally and from within. Giving your hair the nutrients to having curls and waves grow strong, radiant, and less prone to damage.


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