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Shampoo Ingredients

A lot of products on the market today claim to be good for hair growth, hair thickness, and overall hair health. However, a lot of these products contain ingredients that can actually cause more harm and damage to your hair and body than good.


Damaging Ingredients Contained in Hair Growth Products to Avoid


Sulfates are derived from petroleum and have been shown to cause skin, eye, and lung irritation. The two most harmful sulfates are sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLES). They are also very harmful to the environment. Avoiding hair growth products that contain sulfates is really important as they can cause issues with your health and wellness and do nothing for hair growth.

List of Sulfates to Avaoid



Parabens are known for their antimicrobial properties, and their ability to prolong the shelf life of certain products. The most common parabens that are contained in many different shampoos are butylparaben, methylparaben and propylparaben. However, it has been shown that they can enter the body and have adverse effects when you use the product. Clinical studies have shown that they can disrupt the hormone cycle in both males and females, and it can therefore cause issues with fertility. They are also very harmful for the environment, as once released into the water system, parabens can be ingested by animals and can harm their health. In order to ensure your hair health and promote hair growth, it is important that you steer clear of products that contain parabens, as they oftentimes cause more harm to your hair than good.




Phthalates are used in multiple hair care products in order to improve the “spreadability” of the product, and to make the scent of the shampoo stick to your hair and last longer. However, clinical studies have shown that they are endocrine disrupters, which means that they can cause early puberty in girls, harm mens fertility, cause the birth premature babies, and worsen allergies. They are also toxic for the environment. You should definitely avoid buying hair growth shampoos that contain phthalates as they can cause real damage to your health.




Formaldehyde is oftentimes released from straightening agents that are put on the hair and then heated. It is known for causing irritation to the throat and to the lungs, and it can also worsen allergies. A lot of hair products that contain formaldehyde, as a result, have been banned in Europe. Products that contain formaldehyde should definitely be avoided, as they can cause real issues with your health and inhibit hair growth.



Dimethicone is a form of a silicone that can really harm your hair. Silicones can initially seem to increase your hair health, shine, and strength, however over time you will begin to notice grease build up. If you have curly hair, they can also weigh your curls down and make your hair appear limp. They are also quite difficult to wash out which causes the hair to dry out and become damaged. Avoiding shampoos that contain dimethicone is key, it can cause your hair to become dry and damaged, and this, in turn, inhibits hair growth.



Non-Absorbable Keratin

Many hair growth products contain keratin, however, as it is not metabolizable by the body, it needs to be small enough for the body to absorb it. Before you buy hair growth shampoo, you need to make sure that it contains keratin that the body can process and actually use, otherwise it will have no effect.


Products to Look for When Buying a Hair Growth Shampoo

Though there are many products to avoid, there are products that you need to look for when buying a hair growth shampoo.



Biotin is a key ingredient that helps with hair growth. Biotin is a form of a B vitamin that plays a role in hair, skin, and nail health. Research has shown that Biotin works to stimulate hair growth in areas affected by hair loss. When looking for an effective hair growth shampoo, look for one that contains biotin and it is an ingredient that is shown to work.




KerCysteine is a form of keratin that is broken down into small enough “chunks” so that the body is able to absorb it and use it to combat hair damage and breakage. By ensuring that the products you are using contain keratin, but in a form that the body can metabolize, you can really ensure hair growth, increased hair strengthen, as well as thickness.


Coconut oil

Studies have shown that coconut oil is an effective way to improve and maintain hair strength and decrease hair loss. Due to its composition, it is easily absorbable by the hair and really works to protect it and stimulate hair growth. When looking for a hair growth shampoo or conditioner you should try and find one that contains coconut oil as it really will do wonders for your hair.


Salicylic acid

Salicylic acid helps to break down dead skin cells on the scalp. This ensures that the scalp is a good environment for hair growth. By ensuring the scalp is healthy and free from buildup, the hair is kept healthier and is less prone to damage. Finding a hair growth shampoo that contains salicylic acid is great for ensuring hair growth and health.


Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)

Hair loss in both men and women is oftentimes influenced by the body’s level of testosterone. Over time, the amount of testosterone in the body reduce, and so your hair becomes thinner and weaker. SOD can help to combat these issues and to stimulate hair growth. Buying a hair growth shampoo that contains SOD will


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