Early Signs of Balding and How to Stop it

Bald spots can be a great cause of concern for men and for women. There are, however, oftentimes reasons for them, and ways that we can treat them.


Types of Balding

There are multiple different types of balding which can be caused by many different factors. The most common forms of balding, however, can be treated using different techniques that address the cause of the balding.


Androgenetic Alopecia

This is the most common form of hair loss that that is generally referred to as male or female pattern hair loss. You may initially notice a receding hairline, and hair near the crown of your head thinning. This can ultimately result in a bald patch or complete baldness. The most common treatments for androgenetic alopecia is using minoxidil, laser therapy, scalp micro-needling, or hair transplantation.


Male Pattern Hair Loss

Male pattern hair loss normally genetic, and affects 50% of men in the USA. It is generally associated with male sex hormones, which are called androgens which is responsible for regulating hair growth. With age, the hair growth cycle slows and causes baldness. Generally, there are no serious side effects of balding, however it can be caused by other things like illnesses, stress and medications.

Male Pattern Hair Loss


Female Pattern Hair Loss

Female pattern hair loss affects up to 40% of women. Though it generally doesn’t cause complete baldness, female pattern hair loss is a reduction in the number and thickness of follicles due to age.

Female Pattern Hair Loss


Telogen Effluvium

Telogen effluvium is a cause of temporary hair loss due to excessive shedding of hair after a shock to the body. Generally, 85% of hairs on your head are growing, and 15% of hair is “resting hair” or telogen hair. If there is a shock to the system, up to 70% of anagen hairs can go into the telogen phase and fall out prematurely, causing hair loss.


Some of these causes can be:

  • childbirth
  • illness
  • surgery
  • stress
  • medications


Nutritional Deficiencies

Nutritional deficiencies are a well-known cause of hair loss and potential balding. Some of the main deficiencies that are generally known to cause hair loss are a deficiency in:

  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Fatty acids
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin A

Nutritional deficiencies


Medical issues/ Medication

There are multiple medical issues that can cause hair loss such as; thyroid disease, alopecia areata, ringworm on the scalp. However, hair loss can also be caused by medications that are used to treat illnesses like high blood pressure, cancer, depression, and heart problems. Generally, once the medical issue is dealt with or the medication is stopped, the hair will begin to regrow.



Stress is a well-known cause of hair loss. It has been scientifically shown to increases the chances of telogen effluvium which causes the hairs  on your head to fall out prematurely, causing hair loss. By reducing your work load, practicing meditation, and finding other ways to reduce your stress levels you can reduce hair loss.



What to do when you see signs if balding

If you notice signs of balding, it is generally advisable to see a doctor or a dermatologist to identify the cause of the balding and once you understand why you are losing hair, you can treat it.


Notable early signs of balding

The most common signs of balding are a receding hair line and hair loss towards the crown of your head. You may also notice that your hair is thinning, there is a lot of shedding, and you have a very itchy scalp.


Thinning hair

Thinning hair is a very common initial sign of hair loss. If you notice that more of your hair is falling out and there are fewer hair strands on your head, your hair may be thinning. This is quite common, especially with age, and can be an early sign of balding.


Excessive shedding

Excessive shedding is another early sign of balding. If you are noticing that more than 50-100 hair follicles are falling out of your hair a day, you may be experiencing excessive shedding which is another early indicator of balding. It can be treated by taking supplements, or using hair growth shampoos/conditioners like those created by Kera Health.

Excessive Hair shedding


Slow hair growth

Slow hair growth is another common initial sign of balding. If you are losing hair and it is growing back very slowly, you may begin to notice your hair thinning. This too can be treated by taking supplements or hair growth shampoos.


Itchy scalp with excessive hair fall out

Fungal infections, allergic reactions, folliculitis, and many other issues can cause and itchy scalp and excessive hair fall out. It is definitely advisable to visit a doctor or a dermatologist to find the root cause of the itchy scalp and hair loss and to treat it effectively to reduce the chances of permanent hair loss.


Notable receding hairline

A receding hairline is a very common initial sign of balding. It is generally  the first sign of male pattern baldness. It can be treated by using hair supplements or hair growth shampoo and conditioner.

Receding Hairline


Ways to slow down or stop early signs of balding

There are many different ways to slow down or stop early signs of balding. If there is no underlying condition that requires medical treatment, using hair growth shampoos and conditions, increasing your protein intake, and looking after your hair properly can really increase your hair growth and reduce the chances of balding.


Use specific hair growth shampoo and conditioner

Using hair growth shampoo and conditioner, like those made by KeraHealth, is a really effective way to reduce balding. It ensures that your hair is properly looked after and getting the right nutrients. It also ensures that your scalp is clean and a good environment for hair growth.

Shampoo and Conditioner for Hair loss


Increase your protein intake

Protein is a key nutrient that makes up a lot of the hair follicle that is key to hair growth. By increasing your protein intake, you are ensuring that your body has enough protein to  make keratin and collagen, two key proteins prevalent in the hair strand, and it should increase hair growth and thickness, reducing the chance of balding.

Protein source foods


Improve hair care techniques

Hair care techniques can make a huge differences to the thickness and the rate at which your hair grows. Using hair masks, scalp massaging tools, and reducing the use of heat on your hair can really help to keep your hair healthy and reduce hair fall out.


Use hair enriching vitamins and hair supplements

Hair enriching vitamins and hair supplements can be fantastic for your hair. They ensure that your hair is getting all of the nutrients it nee ds to grow and remain healthy.

Hair Supplements

Scalp massages with enriching oils

Scalp massages have been shown to increase blood flow to the hair follicle, increase the rate at which the hair strand grows. Tools like the scalp energiser made by Kera Health can really reduce the chances of balding and increase the thickness of your hair.

Scalp Energizer


Begin your hair health journey now

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