What Everyone Ought To Know About Fall Hair Color Trends

Whether you are one of those women that change your hair color according to your mood or maybe prefer to stick with your natural color, nothing can transform you more than a new shade.  So whether you are a color newbie or a hair-color guru, we’re going to take a look at the new colors hitting the headlines for the Fall of 2017.  Look in the mirror and fall in love with yourself all over again with one of these stunning shades.

Balayage and Painting

Whilst balayage will remain popular, hair painting will come into its own. The idea is to go for a more ‘low-maintenance” natural look with your highlights carefully placed free-hand. Think about changing your hair color like you do your makeup and you get the idea; you can even express yourself and be bold with very vibrant shades and mixed rainbow or pastels.

Gray is here to stay

Gray hair is also very much a stayer; whether your hair is naturally gray and you just want to jazz it up a little with some color or go for a complete change by turning your natural hair color gray, you won’t go wrong.

Get earthy

With Fall just around the corner, many people are also looking for darker earthier tones to match the change in their wardrobe.  If you are not sure exactly what the perfect hair is for you this Fall, here are a few more ideas:

  • ADD BEIGE TO YOUR BLONDE – by including some beige low lights to tone down your platinum look, you will automatically soften your hair and also make it easier to look after.
  • GO CHOCOLATE  – glossy chocolate is a fantastic color for this time of year and you can even include highlights of amber or cashmere.
  • RED IS NOT DEAD – for those of us that cannot get enough red, this tone is still very much ‘in’.  Opt for copper more than a bright red with plenty of warm tones.
  • BRONDE IS STRONG – lying somewhere between brunette and blonde, this will remain but will not be as bright, toning down for the later part of the year. Gold or caramel highlights can add the perfect finishing touch.
  • BEHOLD, ROSE GOLD – not only a beautiful color (as far as jewelry is concerned), but rose gold hair is unique and elegant. If your hair is already bleached, go for a pinky/beige hue, sort of like a sepia finish.  You can use colored conditioners to keep the shade looking great without it fading too fast, using a good quality moisture treatment for hair to prevent it looking dull or getting thin due to the bleach. Keep your heating tools on a low setting or opt for more styles that are heatless.

So, there you have it.  Whatever color your hair is now, there are plenty of things that you can do to it this Fall to make your locks look particularly stunning.

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In conclusion, don’t just be in possession of a great hair color for the Fall (that turns heads), but also have confidence in knowing that your hair is growing healthy, strong, beautiful, and nourished from within.


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