Hair Loss and Covid


Why are COVID Patients Complaining of Hair Loss as a Side Effect?

Lots of Covid Patients are complaining of hair loss and a lot of doctors think that it could be cause by physical and emotional stress of fighting off the virus. This causes a hair loss condition that is called Telogen Effluvium.

This condition normally occurs a few months after a stressful event occurs and can cause hair to fall out. Your hair enters into the telogen or otherwise known as the resting stage so it begins to fall out.

This can be heart wrenching for people who have had to fight off the virus BUT there is an upside – it will most likely grow back!


Will it Grow Back?

Most of the time, the hair will return to normal. You might notice baby hairs near your hairline and your hair should return to normal in about 6 – 9 months.

Thought it can be really frustrating, you need to allow your body to recover from the stress it was put under due to the illness, and then it will begin to regenerate your hair. You just need to give it time!

If you feel like your hair caused by something other than Telogen Effluvium, you should definitely speak to a dermatologist.


Supplements for Hair Growth

Hair growth supplements often include many of the nutrients that you can find naturally in food, in concentrated amounts that can really help promote hair growth, decrease hair loss, and protect your hair from damage. At KeraHealth, we have created hair supplements to target female and male hair loss. It is a drug free formula, that includes multiple nutrients and antioxidants that  has created. These hair growth supplements are have been clinically proven to reduce hair loss, and stimulate dormant hair follicles to grow. They include KerCystein which has been shown to revitalize and increase the natural keratin in your body, further stimulating hair growth. In addition to eating the right foods, and naturally increasing nutrients that will increase your hair growth, it can be helpful and more effective to take hair supplement to increase your hair growth.


Hair Health for Men

A lot of men struggle with hair loss and balding, however, by eating the right things, and taking hair supplements, it is possible to stimulate hair growth. Ensuring that you take care of your scalp health is incredibly important in order to promote hair growth. Avoiding an excessively oily scalp and very hot water is key in ensuring your scalp remains healthy. Make sure you are using shampoo every 2-3 days in order to keep your hair and scalp clean. Sulphate free shampoo is the best for your hair. In order to reduce the chances of hair loss, you may want to use a shampoo, such as the KeraHealth Follicle Hero shampoo, in order to really nourish and promote your hair to grow.


Hair Health for women

Though hair loss and hair thinning is more common than a lot of women actually realise, there are few ways in which you can reduce the chances of hair loss and promote hair growth. Ensuring that you keep your hair clean by using a nourishing shampoo, like the KeraHealth Follicle Hero Shampoo is key. You should also ensure that you keep it detangled, as failing to do so can lead to hair breakage. Taking supplements can really promote hair growth and strength as well. Making sure that you eat a balanced diet and are eating the right foods with the right nutrients for promoting hair growth is a great way to naturally ensure that you are stimulating hair production.



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