Hairstyles for Thin Fine Hair of All Lengths


Hairstyles for Thin Fine Hair of all Lengths

There are so many challenges that come with having thin hair. If you do have thin hair, you might be faced with issues like scalp sunburn, dandruff, you might notice your hair getting greasy in a very short space of time and that using dry shampoo just turns your hair grey! However, there are ways in which styling your hair can make your hair look much more voluminous and full. Normally, cutting your hair quite short, adding volumizing products, and styling it in a way that gives it height and volume can really help create the illusion of thickness. As well as using some of these hairstyles and techniques, you can also use products like hair growth shampoos and conditioners and hair supplements that will increase the strength, and thickness of your hair.


How do I know if I have thin fine hair?

Trying to identify whether you have thin hair, fine hair or thin and fine hair can be quite difficult. Fine hair has to do with the thickness of the actual hair strands. According to trichologist Brigette Hall, fine hair can be characterised by hair strands that are “missing the inner structure called the medulla”, which make the actual thickness of each strand less than a normal stand of hair. If your hair is becoming finer, you will notice a difference in the quality of your hair. It may break more easily. Thin hair however, concerns the actual number of strands you have on your head. To identify if your hair is becoming thinner, you will probably notice hair falling out and a reduction in the amount of hair you actually have.


What does it mean if I have thin hair?

Thin hair can oftentimes be caused due to ageing. It generally means that you can see more of you scalp through your hair, you hairline recedes, and it may begin falling out. You also might experience hair breakage and shedding as your hair begins to thin. In order to make your hair look more voluminous, there are lots of different ways in which you can style it and create the illusion of thickness. You can also combat hair thinning and hair loss by using products like Kera Health hair growth shampoo and conditioner or using targeted hair supplements. By using a combination of hair growth products and styling your thin, fine hair in ways that suit it can really help.


How to cut fine thin hair to make it look thicker

There are lots of ways to cut thin, fine hair to make it look thicker. The shorter your hair is, the stronger the hair strands actually become and the less likely your hair is to break. By layering it and potentially adding highlights or a fringe, you can really increase your hairs movement and its body. By adding colour, you give it another dimension and can make it look a lot more voluminous too. If you do keep your hair fairly short, you can us volumizing products and different types of updos to increase its body and volume further. Adding curls can oftentimes help increase it fullness and make it look a lot thicker.


Short hairstyles for thin and fine hair

There are actually many ways to style thin, fine hair to give it the illusion of volume and height. The best way to do this is often by cutting your hair short, adding water based volumizing products, and sometimes adding curls. Choosing a hairstyle that suits your face and your hair type, and pairing it with the right hairstyle, can ensure that your thin, fine hair looks much thicker and full.


Pixie Cut

A pixie cut is a great way to style your hair as it gives your hair the illusion of thickness. Instead of long strands, keeping your hair short can give it strength and make your hair appear thicker than it really is.


Short Pixie Cut with Angled Layers

A short, layered hairstyle can really help to give the illusion of full, thick hair. The layers add movement and volume. Pairing this with a light mouse or a water based styling product can increase the volume and shape of the hair too.



Two-Tone Stacked Pixie Bob

A two-tone stacked pixie bob lifts the back of your hair and gives it real volume. The difference in the colours and the layers cut into it really gives thin, fine hair more movement and makes it look a lot thicker than it might actually be.


Balayage Bob with Swoopy Layers

The balayage bob is not just trendy, but it is a great style for thin fine hair. The swoopy layers gives it movement and body, and the blend of colours gives it another dimension. It is a great way to give thin hair volume and make it look a lot thicker.


Tapered Feathered Crop

The tapered feathered crop, much like the short pixie with layers, gives thin, fine hair body and movement. It lifts the hair off of the top of your neck and gives the hair on top of your head a lot more volume. The layers cut into it and the different lengths of short hair gives it movement and body.


Medium length hairstyles for fine, thin hair 

If you don’t want to cut your hair super short in an attempt to give it more body and volume, there are lots of ways to style and manipulate it so that it looks a lot thicker and full. For people with rounder faces, these hairstyles might also suit you better than a very short cut. Adding volumizing products like a mousse or using hairspray and styling it in a chic updo can add also height and volume to thin fine hair.


Braided Pompadour

In order to create the braided pompadour you need to tease your hair and use a lot of hairspray. This gives your hair the illusion of thickness and it gives it volume. If your hair is very thin and fine and you can see your scalp through it  when it is down, this hairstyle can also help cover that.


Layering and a Hair Headband 

Cutting your hair into medium length layers can really help give it some movement. The different lengths of hair also give it the illusion of volume. Adding a thick headband can give it height and increase its movement giving the illusion of thickness.


Shaggy Lob

A shaggy lob is a medium length bob with layers and fringe. Cutting your hair relatively short, and layering it gives it movement and body. Adding a fringe can also give your hair the illusion of thickness and fullness.


Medium Cut with Feathered Layers

Feathered layers gives your medium length hair the illusion of thickness and volume. The movement the layers give your hair provides another dimension and gives it body and shape.


Highlighted Collarbone Bob

A highlighted collarbone bob grazes your shoulder which is a great length for thin and fine hair. The highlights give the hair another dimension and the fact that it is short and moves well, gives it the illusion of thickness.


Bob styles suited for fine thin hair

A short, shoulder length haircut is one of the best hairstyles for thin, fine hair. It increases your hairs volume and increase its thickness if it is fine and thin. Shorter strands are known to be less prone to breaking and are stronger than long straggly, fine strands. It also increases its movement and really helps give it volume. Bobs frame your face well and the short strands ensure your hair looks thicker than it may actually be.


One Length Bob with Long Bangs

A one length bob with long bangs is a great cut for thin hair to add more volume. By cutting the hair shorter at the back and allowing long bangs to fall naturally around your face, you give your hair shape and it looks a lot less thin than it may actually be.


Long Pixie Cut Bob

A long pixie cut bob increases volume. By cutting the hair at the back of your head shorter and moving the focus and volume of your hair to the top of your head, you increase the thickness and volume of your hair.


Side parted Chin Length Bob

Parting your hair to the side can really make it look a lot thicker. Keeping it short also increases the strength of the strands and decreases the likely hood of breaking. Using hydrating and styling products can also increase its volume.


Root Shadow Neck Length Bob

Darkening your hair at the root and making it lighter towards the end can really hide the fact that your hair might be fine and thinning towards the top. Adding some curls to a neck length bob can also really add movement and volume to your hair.


Razored Comb Over Bob

A razored comb over bob really gives your hair thickness and volume. The different lengths of hair give it movement and the comb over can make it look a lot less thin and fine. Shaping your hair around your face can ensure that it looks full and less fine than it may truly be.


Updos for hair that is fine and thin

There are lots of ways to reduce your hair from looking thin and fine without chopping a lot of it off or adding layers or a fringe! Different updos or styles can really increase volume and the illusion of thickness, especially if you have thin and fine hair. By using volumizing products that are water based you can give your hair height, body, volume and ensure that your hair holds the different styles and updos. Follow some of our tips if you want to make your thin and fine hair appear a lot thicker than it is!


Low Teased Bun

By teasing your hair, you can give it height, volume and structure. This makes it look very thick and full. Keeping the bun low along with teasing the hair ensures that it has height and can hold its shape. Leaving pieces out that hang around your face can also give it  body and movement


Pinned up Back Do

A pinned up back do can give your hair height and make it look a lot thicker. Lifting your hair from your neck and by teasing it, you give it volume and therefore thin and fine hair starts to look a lot fuller.


Twisted Updo

A twisted updo, just like a pinned up back do, can also give  your hair the illusion of fullness. Loose pieces of hair all tied into one twisted updo gives your hair fullness and can make it look like you have a lot more hair than you might do.


Loose Curly Bun

Loose curly buns are a great way to make thin and fine hair look a lot thicker than it is. Leaving the hair curly and loose and piling it into a bun makes the bun look a lot fuller than it would if the hair was left straight and limp.


Low Side Bun with Curls

By curling your hair and bringing it all to the side and putting it into a bun, you give your loose, fine, thin hair the illusion of thickness. Keeping it low and near your neck, rather than scrapped back on top of your head can also create volume.


Caring for thin fine hair

Caring for thin fine hair can be difficult. However, there are ways in which you can style, cut or treat it in order to increase the way it looks and its health. By using certain volumizing products you can really help to style and manipulate it in such a way that it looks full and thick even when it may not be. Using products like hair growth shampoo and conditioner or supplements, you can help to increase its thickness and reduce the fineness of your hair. Pairing hair growth shampoos and conditioners, with supplements and certain hairstyles or cuts you can ensure your hair looks thick and over time actually becomes thicker too.



There are lots of different types of supplements that you can take in order to increase the thickness and health of your hair. Supplements like those provided by KeraHealth include vitamins and minerals that can protect your cells from oxidative stress, improve you immune system, reduce hair loss, stimulate dormant hair follicles to grow, increase hair strength and increase the speed of hair growth too. Taking these targeted supplements will, over time, really benefit your hair and help increase its thickness. It will also decrease the amount that it sheds and the likelihood of it breaking. Pairing supplements with other hair growth tools will really increase the quality and strength of your hair overall.


Shampoo and conditioner

Using hair growth shampoos and conditioners are also great ways to increase hair growth and strength. The hair growth shampoos and conditioners created by KeraHealth use a biotin and coconut oil formula that have been scientifically proven to increase hair thickness and volume, and reduce hair loss. Biotin is included in the formula as it is a key building block for hair. It works with other proteins and essential vitamins to nourish the scalp and the hair follicles. The coconut oil, enriched with scalp purifying salicylic acid, helps to nourish, and cleanse the scalp and hair. The exclusive ingredient included in the formula, KerCysteine can help increase and revitalise the natural keratin your body loses over time and cause it to regenerate. This can really help to improve the strength and the thickness of your hair strands. By incorporating products like hair growth shampoo and conditioner, as well as supplements into your hair care routine, your hair will increase in volume and thickness.


Hair care tools

There are also hair care tools that can really stimulate hair growth and follicle thickness. The Scalp Energizer from KeraHealth has been clinically proven to increase the blood micro-circulation around the hair follicle, remove dead skin cells, and reduce build-up of excess sebum from the scalp. It has also been shown to reduce dandruff, and increase the oxygen supply to the follicles while helping with lymphatic drainage. The Smooth Strokes Brush helps to gently detangle thin fine hair in order to reduce breakage and reduce damage caused to the hair shaft. By using it to brush your hair from the bottom to the top, you also ensure that you reduce the damage that could potentially be caused to the root. Using both of these tools, paired with hair growth shampoo and conditioner, along with hair growth and strengthening supplements, you will stimulate new hair growth, your hair will look and feel thicker and you will reduce the chances of shedding as well as breakage.


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