12 Local Beauty Brands to Support Now

12 Local Beauty Brands to Support Now

KeraHealth in the Media

KeraHealth hair supplements have recently been featured and reviewed by multiple different magazines and social media brands. KeraHealth supplements were recently featured in Vogue Arabia as one of the 12 Best Local Beauty Brands to Support! They were described as ‘proven to reduce hair loss and stimulate your hair growth while improving hair strength and shine’.

KeraHealth Supplements

KeraHealth supplements are clinically proven to work to stimulate hair growth. They contain amazing ingredients that are all natural, clean, drug free, and bioavailable. They really work to stimulate the production of new hair follicles while keeping your hair strong and healthy. They also increase the speed at which your hair grows, and its thickness as well. They repair and help to keep your existing hair follicles thick and strong. As well as giving your hair an amazing boost, they also give your immune system a boost, which is an added plus!

Some of the amazing ingredients that are included in the hair supplements are:

Biotin - which works to help stimulate the production of keratin which is really important for hair growth as it makes up most of your hair!

Keratin - which is a key component of the hair strand, making it really important for hair growth. As you age, your body produces less and less keratin, making it really important that you are getting it from an outside source.

Vitamin B6 - which is an amazing b complex vitamin that works to help your body metabolise protein. Given that two proteins (collagen and keratin) make up your hair strand, vitamin B6 is super important for the health of your hair and its growth.

Zinc - which works to stimulate the hair follicle to product a new hair strand, and it also helps to regulate sebum (an oily substance produced by glands on your scalp) production

Copper - which works to keep your tissues and cells healthy. It also helps with circulation and makes sure that your hair follicles are getting enough oxygen and nutrients too.

Superoxide Dismutase - which is an amazing antioxidant that works to prevent premature aging, greying, and hair loss.

Overall, KeraHealth Hair supplements are being used by more and more people, and they are all seeing the amazing benefits it gives their hair and body! Try KeraHealth Hair supplements, and start your hair journey with us today!