Why keratin supplements are an absolute must have in your beauty routine

It can be confusing to constantly read and hear about such a vast range of ‘professionally recommended’ supplements, vitamins and antioxidants that can apparently bring many benefits to your body and hair.

From biotin to Omega-3 fatty acids, it can be an impossible task to work out which supplements and vitamins your body needs. They are all important and the benefits are true, but in 2018 there is only one supplement that you need in your makeup bag: Keratin.

So, what is Keratin? It is a protein that is one of the major components in your hair, skin, teeth and nails. It makes up around 95% of your hair’s structure. Keratin is extremely important for your hair as it protects the outer layers of your hair and is part of the actual structure of your hair its self, meaning it is the protein that determines how strong your hair really is.

You can lose Keratin easily, whether it’s exposure to sun or chemical treatments such as bleaching and dying. The more Keratin you have in your hair, the stronger it will be as it gives the hair a healthy, thick and youthful appearance. What can be better than that?

A poor diet and aging can also add to lower levels of the protein and symptoms can show up as wrinkled skin, brittle nails that break easy and thinning, weaker hair. Foods such as meat and eggs can also boost levels of keratin production in your body – try adding foods such as oranges and carrots into your diet as they are rich in Vitamin A.

By ensuring your body is fully stocked with Keratin it will help rejuvenate your skin and hair by revitalising, brightening and nourishing it naturally. When you take the supplements, you will also see results like a reduction in frizz, increased shine and a general soften feeling that will making styling your hair easier than ever before.

We know that what we put in our bodies is important. Many of us drink plenty of water and eat the best foods but we often overlook the importance of proteins and vitamins. An average beauty routine includes washing, exfoliating and moisturising at a basic level, and one easy way to see results is to include a Keratin supplement into the process. While you replenish the outside, the Keratin works at making your hair and skin stronger from the inside.

2018 is all about supplements and they should not be overlooked, they may seem intimidating but the results are un-deniably beneficial. Healthy hair and skin never goes out of fashion, however, in the colder winter months they can suffer from dryness and damage meaning that Keratin can help repair them in time for the all-important Summer months. No matter what trends you follow this year, Keratin is a must have for anyone’s beauty case.


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