Move Over Ashwaganda: Introducing Super Antioxidant SOD

Ashwagandha superfood powder

If you’ve ever searched for natural remedies (like sulfate and Paraben free shampoos, for example) for issues like hair loss or low testosterone, or you’ve been in the market for a herbal supplement with anti aging, anti inflammatory or immunity boosting properties, you’ve likely come across ashwaganda. This popular herb has recently become trendy for its purported ability to provide relief for conditions such as insomnia, skin issues, arthritis, high cholesterol, female hair loss and chronic stress.However, it’s important to note that ashwaganda also has a number of potential side effects, and its effects have not been thoroughly studied in humans. Many of the noted anti inflammatory and immune-boosting benefits of this herb come from anecdotal evidence.While some people may experience positive results when taking ashwaganda, the truth is that there is an alternative option that is more effective for treating issues like hair thinning or male hair loss.

Move Over Ashwaganda, There’s a New Antioxidant in Town.

Whether you want a hair loss treatment, an anti-aging supplement or an immunity boosting addition to your daily regiment, it’s a no-brainer to pick the option that is backed by clinical studies and measurable results.Instead of spending your money on an herbal supplement like ashwaganda that may only give questionable benefits, you should look for products that contain a more potent antioxidant called superoxide dismutase, or SOD. Superoxide dismutase may like an intense chemical cooked up in a lab, but that’s not the case at all. SOD is an all-natural antioxidant that is already found in the body, and scientists often call it your “first line of defense” against free radicals that can cause visible signs of aging.

Stop Hair Loss With SOD

Hair loss is often an embarrassing sign of aging. Female hair loss and male hair loss are both influenced by the body’s testosterone levels and the amount of DHT present. DHT can bind to your hair follicles and cause your hair to grow out thinner, weaker and more brittle, all of which contribute to the appearance of hair thinning. It can also cause your hair to fall out more quickly than normal.Incorporating SOD alongside other vitamins, minerals and amino acids is essential for stimulating hair growth and promoting a healthy scalp by blocking DHT.

The Benefits of SOD

Superoxide dismutase offers a number of benefits, and a few of the most important ones are listed below.1. It’s a stress adaptogen.Adaptogens are substances that help to counteract the serious physical effects of stress on your body. These adaptogens protect your body and reduce or reverse negative effects such as cell aging, slowed metabolism and fatigue.Since being stressed can interfere with hair growth, adding a stress adaptogen to your day can help to stop hair loss over time.2. It boosts your immune system.SOD is one of the three most important antioxidants responsible for immune health. It’s more potent than vitamin A or vitamin C because it can stay in the body and fight free radicals longer than either of those more popular substances. This means that even a small increase in SOD can go a long way toward fighting both disease and cell aging caused by free radicals.3. It’s an effective nootropic.Nootropics are compounds that work to boost your cognitive performance. They can help you to feel more focused, energetic, motivated and productive.They also promote healthy brain function, better moods and a higher resistance to stress.

KeraHealth is More Than Just a Hair Loss Treatment

Preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth are important ways to look and feel your best. However, you shouldn’t settle for a supplement with questionable efficacy or limited benefits.When you choose KeraHealth, you’re choosing a powerful blend of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids that not only work to promote thicker, stronger hair but also help you feel younger, healthier and more vibrant than ever.
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