The Fitness Workout You HAVE to Try… GOAT YOGA!


A new type of yoga is on the rise… Goat Yoga. This new trend started on a farm in Oregon and has grown like crazy all over the US and Europe. The main difference between goat yoga and normal yoga is that while you’re holding downward dog, or child’s pose, a tiny goat may jump on your back or come over to cuddle!


How does Goat Yoga Work???

Goat yoga is generally held in a field or a barn, close to where the goats live. You bring your mat along and your instructor runs the yoga session as normal – the only difference is the goats! These sessions help you connect with nature and the animals, while getting in a good workout and making new friends – in either human or animal form – all at the same time.

It’s considered to be a light-hearted form of yoga that encourages the yogis to get involved and interact with the goats and the nature around them, putting a spin on traditional yoga!!


What are the physical benefits of Goat Yoga??

As most of us already know, yoga is a great way to exercise – it helps you improve your strength, cardiovascular health, and increases your flexibility.

So, you ask, why introduce goats????

Well, animals generally love to interact with people, and people love to interact with animals. Research has also shown that yoga, as well as interacting with animals, can help with both physical and mental illnesses.

Yoga, has been shown to decrease blood pressure, which decreases the chances of suffering from a multitude of health issues, including heart disease. Research has also shown that stroking and playing with animals also decreases heart rate, improving your heart health.

Yoga also improves your strength, and muscular endurance and the goats can actually increase the intensity of the yoga workout too! A small goat jumping on your back can make a pose more challenging to hold, which can help improve your balance, and strength thanks to the little guy’s added weight!


What are the Mental Health Benefits of Goat Yoga?

Yoga does more than just improve your physicality, it also plays a big role in improving your mental health – and the goats do too!!  Yoga and the interaction with the goats can help to regulate stress levels, reduce anxiety, and help you feel more in control of your mind, body and soul!

Goat yoga has been found to reduce stress levels and improve people’s moods. It’s essentially a form of animal-therapy and the goat’s social and cuddly nature generally calms people down. It’s a great way to reduce stress and anxiety, and the laughter the little, furry goats promote increases dopamine and serotonin output, improving your mood, confidence and self-esteem!

After most sessions, there is generally extra time to hang around to play and cuddle with the goats, which is a great way to start your day and has you leave the session with a positive mindset and feeling relaxed and stress free!

All in all, Goat Yoga is a fun way to improve both your physical and mental health with the help of snuggly, small goats!




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