Under 30 and balding? Prevention is better than cure

Baldness prevention is better than cure;
how to preserve your hair follicles

As a male, there may come a point in your life when you realise that your hair is thinning which is not only worrying but can also send you spiralling into a state of anxiety.  But with so many things contributing to loss of hair, surely prevention is better than cure?  The earlier you realise that your hair is less than it was means that you can act now; the secret is to protect your hair follicles before they die as once they are dead, you can do nothing to bring them back.

Young men and hair loss

Although things like hormones, diet, stress, medical problems and genetics can result in hair loss, there can be many reasons for your hair thinning and baldness rearing its ugly head.  It is not even something restricted to older people; even men under 20 can find themselves falling into the category of ‘balding’. It can be upsetting and catastrophic in terms of self-image and confidence. As we age our hair grows less and because we naturally shed hair every day, there can come a time when the hair falling out is more than the hair growing back. Research shows that 40% of men will be suffering with hair loss by the time they hit 35. However, the truth is that hair loss and balding can affect young men much earlier on, even in their teens and early twenties.

The genetic time bomb

A lot of the time, hair loss is genetic so by acting early, it is possible to protect these precious follicles, giving them all the help they need to survive.  This way you can keep your natural hair and not need to go down the road of expensive hair implants or the creation of hair pieces.

Keratin is the key component that makes up your hair with about 95% of your hair being Keratin.  The problem is that as we get older, the body begins to lose Keratin.  This happens gradually with a little bit more disappearing each day; the end result is loss of hair with the remaining hair not looking as healthy.  Without an adequate supply of Keratin and collagen, usually naturally produced by the body, hair will be depleted and be left looking scarce, lacking lustre and strength and with thinning or bald patches.

Save your hair

The body produces Keratin only if it gets a good supply of amino acids; our hair comprises 18 of these.  As we age and the body slows in producing them naturally, then they have to be added through diet or supplements. With this in mind, KeraHealth have created KerCysteine. This is a unique patented process dietary supplement that provides your body – and your hair – with a vital supply of Keratin that is absorbable. This product has one of the highest rates of absorbability available on the market and for this reason, it is extremely popular with men looking to save their hair.

KerCysteine and hair growth

Hair has three growth stages:

  1. Anagen – period of growth
  2. Categen – period of zero growth
  3. Telogen –  resting stage during which dormant hairs fall out

When tested clinically, KerCysteine shows that during the Anagen phase of growth, increased substantially compared to placebo group and most importantly the Telogen stage, shedding phase, decreases even more. The result is the less hair loss and the new hair is thicker, healthier.

For those under 30 looking to keep the hair that they have in good and thick condition, prevention is certainly a far better option that trying to cure it afterwards. By being proactive and looking after your hair at the first signs of thinning, you can protect and preserve the hair follicles before they die.

With KeraHealth you are giving your follicles much more chance to survive.


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