A Detangler Hair Brush For Curly Hair

Curly Girls, Listen Up

As a girl who has grown up with curly hair, I know that dealing with it can be tough. There are hundreds of products on the market to pick and choose from, and it’s difficult to know what to use for your specific hair type. I have also suffered from hair loss for the majority of my life, which has made trying out new brushes and products more and more challenging and nerve wracking. But then I found KeraHealth’s Smooth Strokes Brush, that helped me untangle my hair without damaging it. It actually gives a lot more structure to my curls and really helps them keep their shape without them becoming tangled and super frizzy. 


How to Untangle Your Curls Without Damaging Them

As my fellow curly girls will know, looking after curly hair is difficult, stressful and sometimes painful… Yes, literally. Detangling your curls in a painless, efficient way that doesn’t make them frizzy or stretched out can be difficult. If you’re anything like me, you’ve used countless products and different types of brushes that never really seem to do what they promise to. That’s why KeraHealth have developed the Smooth Strokes Brush. 

This curl detangler hair brush works to detangle your curls in a painless and easy way! It is also so gentle on your hair! As someone who has suffered from hair loss for years, when I started to realise a lot less of my hair was falling out after using the detangler hair brush, I was shocked. I really began to understand how other kinds of hair brushes can be so harmful to your hair!

A lot of my friends with curly hair refuse to brush it when it’s dry, because they fear frizz more than anything – and rightly so! But, as we’ve all probably heard, your hair is a lot weaker when it’s wet, and so brushing it then isn’t always recommended. Luckily, this detangler developed by KeraHealth works to gently detangle your hair while it’s wet without yanking chunks or it out! Not only is it super gentle and kind to your hair, but using it on a head of dry curly hair doesn’t actually make your hair frizzy!! 

I have also noticed a reduction in the amount of hair that I find lying on my pillow or coming out in the shower because I manage to keep it untangled and tame before I get into the shower meaning when it’s at its weakest, it doesn’t fall out. It keeps my hair from looking like a bird’s nest, it tames my curls, and reduces the amount of hair I’m losing… What more could a girl ask for? It also works as an amazing scalp massager which is proven to stimulate microcirculation, meaning that your hair follicles get more oxygenated blood to them and are healthier because of it! This is another reason why KeraHealth’s detangler is an amazing buy! 


So… What’s the Verdict? 

As a girl with curly hair myself, I absolutely LOVE the KeraHealth Smooth Strokes detangler. It works to get rid of any knots in my hair, gently. It is the first product I have used that also works on my hair when it’s dry and knotted and doesn’t cause it to turn into a ball of frizz. I also love how it doesn’t pull lots of my hair out, as my hair has slowly thinned out over the years! Overall, it is an amazing tool that really works to keep your hair in check and to keep you looking and feeling your best! Why not start your hair journey with KeraHealth products today?

Detangler Hair Brush



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