The Best Shampoo and Conditioner for Hair Loss

Hair loss is faced by men and women all over the world. There are many factors that can lead to hair loss such as vitamin deficiency, ageing, menopause, COVID-19, male and female pattern balding and the overuse of harmful chemicals.


What Shampoo and Conditioner Should You be Using?

You may think that your hair care products are helping, but often they actually contribute to hair loss! Many shampoos are packed with harmful ingredients for your hair that can lead to hair breakage, hair loss and brittle hair, which are all terrible for your overall hair health! It’s important to choose the right hair care products to actually make a difference to your hair and make sure it’s as healthy as possible. To do this, look for products that are clinically proven to decrease hair loss and improve hair health, and contain natural ingredients rather than nasty chemicals which make your journey to long, healthy hair much harder! We recommend the KeraHealth Follicle Hero shampoo and conditioner.


Harmful Chemicals to Avoid at All Costs When Buying Hair Care Products!

Diethanolamine (DEA) and Triethanolamine (TEA)

DEA and TEA are irritants that can cause increased hair breakage as they cause the hair to become brittle. They also cause irritation to the scalp which can cause hair loss. DEA and TEA are often in shampoos and will destroy your hair’s Keratin. This is detrimental for your hair health as Keratin is a key protein in the hair shaft and helps you to maintain healthy hair. So, if you’re trying to improve your hair health or reduce hair loss it’s important to stay far away from these ingredients!



Sulphates are surfactants which means that they can destroy the oils that protect your hair. This removal of important oils means that the hair becomes dry and brittle, which can cause easy breakages and hair loss. Sulphates also prevent hair growth through breaking down growth proteins in the hair. 

Examples of sulphates include:

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulphate 
  • Ammonium Lauryl Sulphate
  • Sodium Trideceth Sulphate 
  • Sodium Xylenesulfonate 



Parabens are chemical preservatives that cause damage to the hair and scalp. These chemicals can cause hair colour loss and substantial hair loss. They can also cause skin and scalp irritation, especially for people with pre-existing conditions. 

Examples of parabens that you should avoid include:

  • Methylparaben 
  • Propylparaben

Other Causes of Hair Loss

Heat Damage: using styling tools such as straighteners all the time can cause serious damage to your hair. The overuse of heat on your hair ruins the protective barrier of the hair and damages its protein structures. This causes hair to become dry and brittle which makes it prone to breakage and falling out. 

Stress: can cause a type of hair loss called Telogen Effluvium.

Tight Hairstyles: hairstyles that pull on your scalp such as braids and ponytails can cause hair loss through putting too much tension on the scalp. 

Hormonal Change: many women experience hair loss after pregnancy as extreme shedding occurs due to reduced oestrogen levels.

Iron Deficiency: causes less oxygen to reach the hair and scalp, causing them to become damaged and dry, often resulting in hair loss. This is why it is important to include important nutrients in your diet or through taking supplements.

Avoiding Haircuts: It might seem surprising but not getting regular haircuts can actually cause hair loss and your hair to become shorter! Avoiding haircuts can cause split ends to move up the cuticle and cause strands of hair to break off closer and closer to the scalp. This causes hair loss and hair thinning – which no one wants!


Shampoo and Conditioner to Prevent and Cure Hair Loss

The KeraHealth shampoo and conditioner are free from damaging ingredients and chemicals. They don’t just not cause damage – this is the bare minimum and should be expected of hair care products! They improve hair health, aid hair growth and prevent future damage and hair loss. 

KeraHealth even have a Follicle Hero shampoo, conditioner, and scalp energizer combo to give you healthier hair in 3 simple daily steps! The products included are:

  • Follicle Hero Shampoo 
  • Follicle Hero Conditioner 
  • FREE Scalp Energizer 

This combo cares for your hair completely by cleansing, stimulating and nourishing your follicles. Through this it is able to reduce hair loss, increase hair volume and improve the brightness of hair colour. The KeraHealth shampoo and conditioner contain the exclusive ingredient KerCysteine, which hydrates and strengthens the hair, and stimulates the scalp. These products have also been created to suit ALL hair types!


We’ve all used shampoo and conditioner before but what about head massagers? You might be new to the use of a head massager in your daily hair care routine for healthy hair so here’s what we love about them!


Scalp Energizer Benefits 

  • Increases scalp microcirculation 
  • Scalp detoxifying action 
  • Increased product absorption 
  • Increased blood flow to follicles, nourishment and oxygen 
  • Strengthened hair follicles 
  • Stimulated hair follicles


Shampoo and Conditioner for Hair Loss



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