4 Heatless Hairstyles for the Holiday Season

With so many parties, festive gatherings, and family occasions, it’s only natural that we want to look our best during the holiday season. From new, sparkly outfits and shimmery make up, through to glamorous hairstyles, it’s a time to sparkle, shine, and feel great about ourselves.

But your quest to look great over the holiday period shouldn’t impact on your hair’s health for the rest of the year. Many hairstyles require large amounts of heat to complete – causing damage to your hair.

So, here are 4 great heatless hairstyles for the holiday season that will ensure you look your best and feel great, without damaging your hair!

Fishtail braid

Stylish and versatile, braids are a great, no heat hairstyle. And a fish tail braid puts a quirky new spin on the classic look. Although this style looks complex to create, there is an easy way to achieve the look.

Simply take a section of hair from just above the ears on each side of the hair and twist until you reach the nape of the neck. Secure with a clear hair elastic.

Take the next two sections of hair and repeat the process. Keep going until you reach the end of your hair.

Simple yet incredibly effective! For an extra festive look, why not tuck some sprigs of holly or mistletoe between the sections?

Tidy Bun

A sleek, tidy bun is a great, heat free way to make a seriously stylish impact at your office party!

Simply pull all of your hair back into a tight ponytail on the crown of your head. You might want to use a product such as serum at this point to keep everything looking smooth and sleek. Then, take a hair donut, and place it over the ponytail. Wrap your hair neatly around the donut, securing with hair grips. Apply plenty of hair spray to keep everything in place.

If you’re feeling extra-festive, why not stick two antlers in the top of the bun and a red nose in the middle for a Rudolph-themed look?

Glitter Braids

The holiday season is all about glitz, glamour, and sparkle!

For a glitzy, holiday look, divide your hair in two along your parting and create two French braids.

Here comes the festive twist! Once you’ve secured your hair in two French braids, spray down the parting with plenty of hair spray and sprinkle glitter. Alternatively, you can spray alternate sections of the braids with strong hold hair spray and apply different coloured glitter to them.

Christmas Ponytail

The festive period can be incredibly busy and you might not have a great deal of time to spend on your hair. This quick and easy Christmas Ponytail is the perfect solution – and, better still, it doesn’t require any heat.

Simply pull your hair into a high ponytail and secure tightly with a hair elastic. Then, take some tinsel in a colour of your choice (or colours if you’re feeling adventurous!) and wrap it around the hair bobble. Secure with hairgrips.

So, there you have it, 4 festive looks for the holiday season that not only look great, but will also help to keep your hair as healthy as possible!


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