How absorbable are your beauty vitamins?

When trying to work out what beauty routine offers the best hair care possible, we often get hung up on which specific hair, skin and nail vitamins a product contains. However, hair and skin care doesn’t just depend on how much collagen, copper or keratin is found in a product. Recent studies have shown that stronger, shinier and thicker hair is reliant on how well your body is able to absorb and use the essential ingredients in care products. Consequently, we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at why daily hair and skin care routines are important and how absorbability can affect the success of that routine.

Importance of daily routine

As keratin constitutes up to 95% of our hair and we produce less and less of it as we age, it’s important that we institute a daily routine that encourages the creation of this vital substance, replenishes our hair and restores that natural glow to our skin. Regular use of hair supplements allows our hair to begin to regenerate and flourish and prevents it from receding again at a later date. If we want our hair to remain thick, strong and shiny, a daily routine is of the utmost importance.

Benefits of optimum absorption

Absorption and solubility are key indicators of how effective beauty supplements or care products really are. Some products contain a large portion of the vitamins necessary for healthy looking hair and skin but aren’t designed to work with your body in an efficient manner. This renders their key components inaccessible and ineffective. If your hair and skin can’t absorb these essential ingredients, they can’t utilise them in the right way, resulting in a frustrating, sub-standard care product.

At KeraHealth, we believe care products should make the most of all of their components and ensure nothing is put to waste. That’s why we’ve created a product that boasts absorption rates of up to 95.5%.

Why aren’t other forms of keratin absorbable?

In the past, there’s been an enormous amount of research into how to introduce keratin into the body in an efficient manner. In many cases, keratin is mixed with other ingredients that inhibit absorption or limit its ability to function. It’s also true that the way you apply or introduce keratin into the body has a marked effect on its potency and safety. For instance keratin treatments that utilise heat application, such as those in hair salons, have been proven to be less effective and potentially dangerous.

Why other regimes fail

Our hair and skin is made up of a variety of complex structures, so any problems we experience will only be remedied with a complex solution. Whereas many beauty supplements destroy or damage their essential ingredients – particularly the delicate but invaluable cysteine – by employing aggressive production techniques, KeraHealth utilises processes that allow our ingredients to bond perfectly with the natural structures found in hair and skin.

What does KeraHealth offer?

KeraHealthis a product that provides all of the essential ingredients required for strong and healthy hair and naturally glowing skin. Rich in amino acids, powerful antioxidant superoxide dismutase

(SOD), multivitamins, absorbable keratin, zinc, biotin, and collagen it supplies the nutrition required to rejuvenate and regenerate your hair and skin quickly and efficiently. At the heart of KeraHealth is KerCysteine™, our patented ingredient that’s designed for better absorption and to stimulate hair growth and development in a natural and long lasting way.

So, if you’re thinking of starting a hair, skin and nails care routine and need a product that’s easily absorbed by the body, working from the inside out, give KeraHealth a try!


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