Top 5 hair thinning hairstyles for women

We wanted to create this blog about hair thinning hairstyles because for many, thin hair can cause endless problems, with styling being a struggle. If your hair is naturally thin, it’s likely you’ve been through phases of feeling like giving up. Dealing with thin hair is all about using clever styling tricks and achieving great hair health, to create the illusion of thicker and fuller hair. Here are the top 5 hair styles for women who suffer from hair thinning, so that you can banish your hair woes for good!

hair thinning hairstyles
long hair

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1. Midi Length with Texture

The line where your hair falls plays an important role when it comes to creating hair that looks thicker. Too many layers at the end of your cut will make hair look wispy and fine. A midi cut or ‘grown out bob’ is a great length for people with thin hair. Typically when worn long, thin hair looks too light on the length, so in sticking with a shorter cut your hair will instantly look that little bit thicker. To help further, improve hair health by using hair vitamins, specifically designed to help thin hair.

The grown out bob is a super-flattering style, wear it wavy, with a few layers and some texture to create a messy and thicker looking long bob.

hair thinning styles 2
The line where your hair falls plays an important role when it comes to creating hair that looks thicker.

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2. Brushed Over and Blunt

Hair that sits just on the shoulders is a great option for thin hair, but it’s important the cut is blunt to help add that feeling of thickness at the ends. Style by applying a little texturising cream and brush the hair over to one side, adding volume and fullness.

hair thinning hairstyle number 3
Hair that sits just on the shoulders is a great option for thin hair

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3. Short Layered Bob

Transform thin hair using texture and colour. The most simple way to make thin hair look thicker is to add lots of layers, and style hair with texture, rather than smoothing. A great trick to make your hair instantly look thicker is to opt for slightly darker roots against lighter ends, which will give the illusion of density to your strands. Using minerals for hair can also help make hair look thicker too, perfect when paired with a short layered cut.

hair thinning tips
Transform thin hair using texture and colour.

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4. Long and Choppy with Balayage

For those of you who are keen on keeping your locks long, it is possible to keep your length when fine. The ideal longer length for fine hair is a few inches past the shoulders, and is best styled with layers. To enhance the illusion of thicker hair, style with waves and use colour to add depth. Balayage is a fantastic way to add interest and help hair appear thicker at the ends, where it usually needs the most help.

style for hair thinning
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5. Layered Pixie Cut

If you’re pretty bold in style, try a short pixie cut that’s longer and textured on one side. A short layered asymmetrical style works really well to boost thickness. Sweeping the hair to one side is a simple way to instantly make hair appear thick and full. Play with colour too to add even more depth and attitude.

Thin Hair Top Tips…

Keeping on top of hair health is essential for those with thin locks. Hair thinning is only made worse by hair that isn’t looked after properly. It’s essential to treat your hair with products specifically created for thin hair, as well as having regular cuts to keep the ends blunt and avoid wispy split ends. Further more, just like our skin and bodies, your hair needs regular vitamins and minerals. At KeraHealth we provide minerals for hair and hair vitamins, to help you get your hair healthy and looking thick and full.

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If you feel like your thin hair is causing you problems, with styling becoming a nightmare, it can be easy to give up and just accept your fine locks. There is a solution, though, just simple styling tricks and a new attitude towards hair health can transform flat and wispy hair to thick and full.

Here we have selected the top five hair styles for women with fine hair, and detailed simple tips and tricks for both styling and getting your hair in tip-top condition. From layered bobs to long and choppy styles, there is something to suit everyone, and a solution to what is for many, a life long problem.

First up is the midi length cut with texture, designed to make hair look thick at the ends and add volume through out. The super stylish ‘grown out bob’ is an ideal style for fine hair, and it’s the really blunt edge that creates the illusion of thicker hair here. This look is perfectly styled with waves and texture, don’t be afraid to play around with colour too.


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