Happier in Heels!

Could the sneaker trend get in the way of the scientific benefits of Grounding?

The Science

Grounding originates from Environmental Medicine (the interactions between human health and the environment). Grounding is the concept of the body’s contact with the Earth’s surface electrons by either walking barefoot outside or being indoors whilst connected to conductive systems that are supposed to transfer the energy from the ground to the body. In this way reconnecting the human body to the Earth’s surface electrons.

The modern day way of life – be it wearing thick rubber soled sneakers or sleeping on beds that are layered with latex mattresses raised high from the floor, separates humans from this contact and research suggests that this disconnect from the earth’s surface electrons may even be a contributor to physiological disfunction and even illness. A conscious reconnection with the earth’s electrons has been found to promote interesting physical benefits such as inducing better sleep and reduced pain.


The planet’s surface conducts electricity, its negative potential is maintained – (or its electron supply replenished), by the global atmospheric electrical circuit.

Today, there is mounting evidence to suggest that Earth’s negative potential can create a stable internal bioelectrical environment for the optimal functioning of all body systems and the vibrations of the intensity of the Earth’s potential maybe vital for setting the body’s biological clocks, regulating hormones such as cortisol. It is also well established that the electrons from antioxidant molecules neutralize free radicals involved is the body’s immune and inflammatory responses.

Breaking it down

We know that through history humans walked bare foot or used simple footwear made from animal hide and slept on the ground on skins, keeping them constantly connected to the Earth’s free electrons that could enter the body (the human body being electrically conductive). With the flow of these free electrons the body could calibrate with the electricity of the earth, stabilizing the electrical environment of all organs, tissues and cells.

Our modern lifestyle has increasingly separated humans from the flow of the Earth’s electrons.

Words such as ‘inflammatory diseases” and ‘anxiety’ have only appeared in my lexicon over the past few years which leads me to wonder if I wasn’t happier and healthier wearing (red) leather soled heels to the office every day, over the rubber sole sneaker trend that I was quick to wholeheartedly adopt…

Time to reconnect

  • Spend at as much time as you can bare foot, where possible walk on grass or sand. Simply being barefoot on wood or stone floors can also have benefits.
  • Opt for leather soled foot wear over rubber

  • Sit or lie on the ground whenever possible
  • Weather is obviously a constraint, but even removing your shoes for just a few minutes to ‘ground’ every day will bring benefits.
  • Get out of the office, take your laptop and work outside
  • Go caveman, eat barefoot!


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