The New Year’s Resolution to Beautiful, Bountiful Hair

It’s hard to believe but 2017 is almost over – how time flies!

And, as we approach 2018, many of us are starting to think about the New Year’s Resolutions we want to make for the year ahead.

Here are the New Year’s Resolutions you should be making to keep your hair looking beautiful and bountiful during 2018…

Go for regular trims

If you want to maintain healthy, bouncy hair, regular trims are key. But, even with the very best of intentions, it’s easy to find ourselves going months and months between visits to the salon chair. So, for 2018, make one of your New Year’s resolutions to visit your hairdresser regularly, ideally every six to eight weeks.

Trimming the ends will help to stop and fraying and breakage travelling up the hair shaft so that your hair can grow longer. What’s more, thicker, blunter ends give the impression of longer, healthier hair.

Go easy on the heated styling tools

Excessive use of heated styling tools such as dryers, straighteners, and curling wands, can make you hair dry, frizzy, and rough. So make 2018 the year that you cut back on heated styling. And, when you do use your heated stylers, make sure you use a high quality heat protector to minimise damage.

Swap your pillow

You might not have thought about the impact that your pillow can have on your hair, but it really can make a difference. When you sleep on a standard, cotton pillowcase, the strands of your hair rub together, causing friction and damage.

Avoid tight hairstyles

With numerous parties and events to attend, many of us like to experiment with different hairstyles over the festive season. But did you know that your hairstyle could actually be damaging your hair?

Tight ponytails, braids, and any other style that pulls on the small hairs that make up your hairline can lead to hair loss. This is because the stress caused by these tight hairstyles pulls too strongly on the delicate hairs on your hairline leading to hair loss and thinning.

Get plenty of beauty sleep

Getting 8 hours of sleep a night isn’t just essential for your skin, it can also benefit your hair. The more sleep your body gets, the better your blood flow, so the more nutrients, vitamins, and minerals will be provided to the hair. A lack of sleep, on the other hand, can cause your hair to weaken, leading to breakage, damage, and even hair loss.

Oh, and if you use hair masks or products during the night, they have been proven to penetrate the hair better when your body is at rest.

Post gym shampoo

Although working up a sweat in the gym is great for your body, it’s not so good for your hair. After all, sweat is full of salt, which can dry out the hair and cause breakage. It can also cause irritation to the scalp, so make it your New Year’s resolution to shampoo and condition your hair post workout.


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