The truth about biotin

Biotin is part of the complex group of B vitamins and is also referred to as vitamin H. To carry out daily functions, our bodies need a range of vitamins to help convert our food into usable energy by breaking down things such as carbohydrates and proteins.

What is biotin?

As part of the vitamin B group, biotin can be found naturally in the different foods we consume on a day-to- day basis. Foods such as meat, fish, seeds, nuts and some vegetables can provide us with the recommended amount of biotin our bodies need. The majority of people receive their daily recommended amount of biotin from their diets, however taking extra supplements is said to promote healthy hair, skin and nails, support the metabolism and help blood sugar levels amongst many other benefits.

How does biotin help hair growth?

Biotin is a vital ingredient in the process of hair growth. When cell enzymes and biotin come together to build amino acids, these acids build to make proteins, which is what our hair is made from. The protein that our hair is made up of is called Keratin, and without biotin would not have any significant growth. A deficiency in this vitamin can actually cause thinning of the hair and discolouration, which is why these supplements are so highly sought after. As well as supplements, there are also biotin shampoos and conditioners available to promote thicker and fuller hair.

We all want to enjoy luscious, healthy and fuller hair, but it’s not as simple as taking one biotin supplement each day. If only it was that simple! Although scientific research shows strong evidence that it is beneficial for hair growth, does biotin help hair growth is a more complex question, this is because it is just one part of a whole lifestyle. You need to feed your body nutritious foods that contain all the vitamins and minerals to promote the growth of your hair. Supplements and products that contain biotin are effectively just giving you a boost.

What to consider before taking biotin

Firstly, before you take any supplements or begin a vitamin regime, you should consult your doctor – especially if you’re pregnant or have any serious conditions. It is important that you are aware of any side effects before you incorporate supplements into your daily routine.

Overall, biotin will promote the natural production of Keratin as it combines with cell enzymes in the body. To get the best results, remember that you need to ensure you are receiving an overall nutritious diet for fuller, thicker and brighter hair.


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